What we believe

il_fullxfull.1177447205_qcl5WE believe that the story of Jesus is the story of God coming among us, living alongside us a fully human life, and sharing in all the joys and struggles, blessings and dilemmas that go with being human. His life is a demonstration of life lived well, and illustrates the ‘life lived to the full’ that is offered in Christ, and that is central to our vision.

Jesus is our window into God – he showed us the nature of God’s love as he wept when a friend died, sought to heal the ill, to relieve hunger, to restore life. He showed respect to everyone he met – beggars as well as the rich; women as well as men; those considered ‘impure’ as well as ‘religious people’.


He gave his life for the world and was raised from death to life, celebrated each year at Easter. Christians believe the cross and resurrection is the means of reconciliation and healing between God and all creation.

After Jesus ‘ascended’ or went to be with God the Father, God’s Spirit was poured out upon his disciples. They were filled with courage and with power, and went throughout the world telling people about Jesus.E9738 comp

Many died for their faith. The same Spirit is at work in the church of our own times, inspiring and strengthening Christians to live in ways which demonstrate the love of God, and which remain hope filled despite outward signs and circumstances.